Blogtember Challenge: Summer Favorites

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This summer was kind of a bust for me.  I didn’t fit in a single beach day or even a quick trip to the pool!  I ended up having a lot on my plate at work, and having to spend so much time training Nutmeg and fitting my life around her I just didn’t have a lot of time for summer luxuries.

Anyway, here’s five of my summer favs!

Woodside Creamery

We started going here when I was just a kiddo and then when I got older and we moved it was right around the corner.  Seriously the best ice cream ever!  I only made it there twice this year (to celebrate the end of my dad’s schoolyear, and to counteract the return), but it’s open through October, so there’s still hope!

Lemon Print Cami

I bought this top earlier this summer and it has been so perfect for barbecues and nights out with friends.  It’s flowy and has a split back/front that looks great.  I also have been loving the fresh lemon print; it’s a great way to wear yellow without looking like an ear of corn!  If you’re in search of a strapless bra to wear with it, I recently got this one and it was actually life changing!


I’m a sucker for my dog, so I ordered her a Barkbox subscription and I love it!  I was skeptical, but it is well worth the price for the value you are getting.  It’s fun every month when it arrives for us to open it and see what treats and toys she received.  (Sign up here if you want to try it out!)  On top of that, the BarkPost blog is hilarious – think BuzzFeed but totally dog themed.  Perfect for puppy lovers!  Here’s my favorite post so far; it’s actually so true.

Gazela Vinho Verde

gazela vinho verde

This is a great summer wine and really affordable.  I’ve been able to find it in most shops I stop in, so you have to try it out!  (I also think it will be a good wine for September and October when you’re still keeping things light!)

Bachelor in Paradise

We didn’t do any brackets or leagues for this season, but I have really been enjoying everyone’s shenanigans.  Ashley I. always brings the entertainment and I’m loving the Grace (Grant/Lace) drama.  Really looking forward to January when Nick’s season of The Bachelor will air?  Will he find love? (I’m sure he will, but let’s all be in suspense about it.)

What have you been loving this summer?  Is there anything you just can’t get enough of?

App Recommendation: Slice

SLICEI’ve actually been using Slice for several months now and I’ve been pretty happy with it, but it wasn’t until yesterday morning that it blew my socks off.  (I wasn’t actually wearing socks because it’s summer, but I did immediately Skype chat my friend to tell her all about it, so I think that’s pretty much the same thing.)

For those who know me, you know I do a good bit of shopping online.  I spend a lot of time scouring websites finding the exact right item and the best deal, as well as utilizing coupon codes and discount gift cards as often as possible.  That being said it sometimes makes it difficult to keep track of all my orders coming in!

Luckily for me, Slice has an easy to use interface that shows you all your orders and shipments, as well as their arrival dates and tracking from within the app.  No more checking five different emails every day to see what has shipped and what hasn’t.

Even though the app had been doing its job for me by tracking my shipments to this point, I really hadn’t given it much thought until *drumroll please* IT SCORED ME A $7 REFUND!

That’s right, folks!  I get super excited about $7, like call my girlfriend, write a blog post excited about $7.  I’m not even a little embarrassed by this fact.

Anyway, the app notified me yesterday morning that the bra I had bought from Nordstrom (great bra, honestly could not recommend a bra more than I do this one) had decreased in price by $7 during Nordstrom’s price adjustment window.  In essence, if I had waited to buy it (within 2 weeks, of course) I would have saved $7.  Since I never would have gone back to find this out, I attribute my knowledge of said possible savings to Slice.  On top of that, Slice provided me with a link to the price adjustment policy, the phone number to call if I wanted an adjustment, a link to fill our a customer service form on the website or (THIS IS THE BEST OPTION YET) a prewritten email that references the order number, item, price I paid, price it dropped to, amount to be refunded, literally everything you would need.

Basically, Slice saved me $7 and all I had to do was hit SEND.  Can’t get better than that!  Seriously, go download this app ASAP – maybe you can save $7, too?

Blogs I Follow: Bucknell Edition

As most of you know, I graduated from Bucknell about three years ago.  Shortly after graduation I started my blog, but had a hard time finding my voice and what direction I wanted my blog to take.  Now that I’ve branded myself the official Dela Darling, the socialite of all things Wilmington, and I absolutely love getting to write about my life.

However, my fellow Bucknellians are such a talented group of people that I find myself devouring other blog content that sometimes is vastly different from anything I could produce.  That being said, here are some of those Bucknellian blogs I try to catch up on periodically!


Tipsy Choco Chip
Katie Pritchard ’13
Katie is a software developer by day, cooking fiend by night.  We met freshman year during a writing class and became quick friends.  Katie has such diverse interests and I was so excited when she got serious about her blog.  Her recipes look amazing (like the peanut butter pretzel bars featured above)!  Life has been way too busy for me to branch out much when it comes to cooking, but hopefully I’ll find some time later in the summer when things have calmed down to test some of her recipes out!

boston belle

Boston Belle
Lauren Drew ’14
I might be the official Dela Darling and my sorority sister Lauren has taken on the reputation of the Boston Belle.  Her blog focuses on her personal style (a mix of classic and contemporary prep) with a little bit of her personal life thrown in.  I enjoy checking her #ootd on Instagram, but love when she posts pictures of her Golden Retriever, Sadie!

design darling

Design Darling
Mackenzie Horan ’12
Lifestyle blogger & online boutique owner
I didn’t know Mackenzie when we were at Bucknell, but since graduation I have enjoyed following her blog, Design Darling, and browsing her online boutique.  Her most recent one room challenge inspired me to explore using wallpaper in my house (hopefully more on that in a later post) and I’m constantly filling my online cart at the boutique and then realizing I can’t afford everything I love!


All Shook Up
Allison Shook ’14
Allison worked at The Bucknellian with me as a layout editor and I loved spending a couple of years getting to know her.  Since she graduated two years ago, she has moved to NYC and works for a major beauty company.  It’s really fun getting to keep up with her life as a millennial in NYC!


NY Weenies
Jack Wiles ’12
Most of the blogs I follow I would categorize as “lady blogs,” but Jack’s blog definitely falls outside of that mold.  In college Jack was known as the resident funny guy on campus; when I wanted to start a humor column in the student newspaper I immediately knew who I needed to write it and “Wiley Jack” didn’t disappoint.  Now he’s bringing his humor to his blog and chronicling his adventures to taste and review all of the hot dogs in NYC.  It’s quite an undertaking, so I’m glad to know we have many, many more posts coming our way.

Courtney Flagg ’12
Courtney is another friend from the newspaper (are you sensing a pattern?) who has always been obsessed with celebrities and pop culture.  She was always hoping to snag interviews with artists and comedians when they visited campus to perform and really made a lot of those things happen for the paper.  Now that she’s in the “real world” working in publishing, she seems to still be obsessed with celebrities and pop culture.  Her blog recaps The Bachelor franchise and I’d be lying if I said they weren’t lol material!