Guys, I Bought a House!

A couple of months ago I put out there that I was under contract on a house.  I followed up with a post about my process of making a list of demands and finding a realtor.  I stand by all of that, but now that we finally made it to closing (that’s right, I officially own that house as of this morning, or at least the small portion that the bank doesn’t own, but I digress), I have to say that the last two months since I went under contract have been exhausting.


Seriously, they have been mentally and emotionally exhausting.  I had quite a few hiccups along the way before we managed to all agree to a final sales contract (yes, although we had reached an agreement things can change as close as a week before closing) and some of those hiccups really made me question if this was something I was really ready to do.

I know I’ll be following up with more in my house diaries.  After everything I went through that I assumed was part of the process (it turns out, it usually isn’t) I just wish I’d had a better resource to look to in order to alleviate some of my own tension and anxiety.  I really want to touch base on all parts of my journey, including making an offer, negotiating repairs as a result of the inspection, working with my mortgage broker, working with a crazy seller’s agent, dealing with issues from the appraisal.  This has been a non-stop thought process for me over the last two months, so I really want to dedicate a little space in the blogosphere to that!  More to come!

House Diaries: Getting Started

House Diaries

Lately it seems like everything in my life is consumed by home ownership.  Every time I make small talk at work, it’s about my home buying process.  Every time I see friends I have to give an update.  Every time I chat with my parents, all we talk about is paint colors, furniture DIY ideas and moving logistics.  Even my roommate and I talk almost exclusively about her apartment search and the trials and tribulations of my buying a house.

To be perfectly honest I never thought I would be buying a house at this point in my life, but now that I’ve made the decision I’m really excited for everything to be moving forward.  While I had a lot of advice from friends and family who are homeowners, I had so many very specific questions that I found were difficult to answer, or answers I could find were too vague to really help me.  With that in mind, I figured I could at least write about each part of my experience so that someone else can benefit in the future!

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Guys – I’m Buying A House!

One of my goals for 2016 was to really focus on saving money for a down payment on a house.  As it turns out I’m already in a better financial spot than I thought and I decided to look for a house now, rather than in 2017.


I hired a realtor and after narrowing down my target neighborhood and working through all of my must-haves and dealbreakers, we hit the pavement and looked at a number of houses.

I was so excited when I found one that I love and even more excited when I was able to come to an agreement with the seller.  That’s right, I’m officially under contract!  I’m really excited to keep moving forward in this process and finally live in my very own house.


Seriously, how can you not LOVE that front porch?

Hopefully I’ll be able to put together some updates about the homebuying process as well as before and after projects I’m planning.  I’m already planning to refinish a bedroom set, paint my existing dressers and DIY hack some Ikea furniture for my dining room.  Of course, I’m also planning on hosting a killer housewarming party, so there’s a lot to look forward to!