House Diaries: Things No One Told You Would Happen

I’ve no had my house for just over two months and there are a lot of things I’ve started to notice that I was unprepared for.  I received a lot of advice and information from people about what my life would be like after I bought the house, but they left a lot out!

  1. People will gift you plants.  Never in my life have I been capable of keeping a plant alive.  I doubt that home ownership will change that, but people are pretty insistent that I will “love” and “enjoy” taking care of plants.
  2. Paint colors are very polarizing.  Guys, people either LOVE or HATE the paint colors you chose.  I usually have a vision in my head of exactly what I want and know it when I see it, so not everyone is able to see my end goal, but that doesn’t stop them from commenting.
  3. Paint is expensive.  To paint one room, ceiling, walls and trim can easily cost you a couple hundred dollars.  While this is a relatively inexpensive way to update a room, it’s still a chunk of change!
  4. Your mother will comment EVERY SINGLE TIME she comes over that she does not like the tablecloth you have in the dining room.  I know it’s meant for fall, Mom, but it’s not a high priority right now.
  5. Building on that – everyone will have different ideas of what projects and purchases should be high priority versus medium or low priority.  Don’t worry; they’ll be sure to tell you what they think.
  6. Friends and family will invite themselves over.  Never mind that you said you’re going to be actively working on a project.  They’ll only be over for several hours that fall during a meal so you have to dedicate a few hours to the visit.
  7. Organizing at a new place is hella hard.  Just when I figured out the best setup for all my clothes in my closet and dressers, I moved, getting new closets and dressers.  Two months later and I still haven’t unpacked suitcases.  (This is a testament that I own a lot of stuff, but also that I’ve been wearing the same 3 pairs of pants in rotation…)
  8. You’ll learn to love or hate your neighbors.  All of my neighbors have been friendly and kind people.  Some of them have been overly friendly, making me feel a little guilty that I don’t want immediate BFFdom with them.
  9. Neighbors – people get really particular about their parking spots, even when it’s totally public parking.
  10. Everyone has the *best* place to get *insert object you do NOT need here* regardless of the fact that you say you don’t really need that.

Anybody else find things no one told you would happen once you finally made your way into a certain situation?

Guys, I Bought a House!

A couple of months ago I put out there that I was under contract on a house.  I followed up with a post about my process of making a list of demands and finding a realtor.  I stand by all of that, but now that we finally made it to closing (that’s right, I officially own that house as of this morning, or at least the small portion that the bank doesn’t own, but I digress), I have to say that the last two months since I went under contract have been exhausting.


Seriously, they have been mentally and emotionally exhausting.  I had quite a few hiccups along the way before we managed to all agree to a final sales contract (yes, although we had reached an agreement things can change as close as a week before closing) and some of those hiccups really made me question if this was something I was really ready to do.

I know I’ll be following up with more in my house diaries.  After everything I went through that I assumed was part of the process (it turns out, it usually isn’t) I just wish I’d had a better resource to look to in order to alleviate some of my own tension and anxiety.  I really want to touch base on all parts of my journey, including making an offer, negotiating repairs as a result of the inspection, working with my mortgage broker, working with a crazy seller’s agent, dealing with issues from the appraisal.  This has been a non-stop thought process for me over the last two months, so I really want to dedicate a little space in the blogosphere to that!  More to come!

Lustworthy: Bar Cart Decor

My instincts right now are telling me to purchase every single cute decor item possible for my house, but I know the smart thing is to not only wait until I actually own it, but to also spread it out over time and know that I really love what I’m buying.  I decided to make one concession and that is for my bar and bar cart hacks.

Future posts are coming when I’ve completed the DIY part of the projects, but I’m loosely following this tutorial for the bar cart and I’m kind of making it up as I go for the bar.

I’m really envisioning this part of my house to be done first and ready for any events.  I was too concerned that I wouldn’t be settled in time for my Bachelorette premiere party (May 23rd), so I’m going to host it at a friend’s apartment building as he has a small movie theater room we could reserve.  This means my first anticipated “event” will be the Bachelorette finale in July.  I’m sure I’ll still have friends over for game nights, dinners, etc. before then, so that makes it even more important that my “entertaining” space is up to par.

Basically, I just wanted an excuse to populate my dining room with the cutest barware!  I ended up ordering these highball glasses, this whiskey set and this tray for the bar cart.  I’m not planning on getting much stemware or other glass ware, but I knew I didn’t really have enough highball glasses to make me happy.  (Because of my wine tasting hobby I have a few cases of wine glasses – stemmed, stemless, red, white, etc.)  I also just love the look of the gold accent and wanted to pull that in somehow, so I think these glasses will be a great way to do that.

Wine Charms

These shoe charms are so cute!  I already have a similar set, but also really like these others.


So many cute gold options.  I think the “Drinks on Me” set is my favorite and definitely would complement these Kate Spade cocktail napkins I already have.

Cocktail Napkins

Of course I already have the Kate Spade set, but seriously there are so many cute options.  Although I’m not sure you really need tons of cocktail napkins and coasters, but a girl can dream!  I guess I can justify having various paper options since they’re not reusable.

Ice Buckets

Of course the Kate Spade is adorable, but I think I love the Golden Waves option a little bit more.  It just comes across a little more classic to me, whereas the Kate Spade polka dots are a tad trendy.

Bar Tools

There’s something so chic about not just having a bar fully stocked with liquor, but to also have it fully stocked with equipment.  I just love the look of these shakers, jiggers and strainers.  Seriously, these might be the make or break accessories!

  • Of course, I *need* to have the cutest straws to put in one of the highball glasses.
  • I know the trendy thing right now is also to string tassels like these on the cart.
  • I wouldn’t be the hostess with the mostest if I didn’t have the cutest cups like these or these for nuts and other bar snacks.

What are your must-have bar accessories?