C25K – Week 1

With the weather getting so nice out I feel like it’s a shame to spend all of my exercise time indoors, so I decided to try out the Couch to 5K running program.  I downloaded the app to my phone on Saturday morning and started with Week 1 Day 1.

I would say that on a scale of 1-10, my fitness level right now is somewhere around a 3 and usually hovers between a 3 and a 7, so I’m fairly middle of the road, but my workout regime has really been lacking lately.  (I’m 100% sure about that based on how tight my pants are fitting…)  Even though my fitness level is mediocre at best the “run” really wasn’t too insufferable!


5 min warmup walk
1 min jogging, 1 1/2 min walkingrepeat 7 more times
5 min cool down walk

I definitely wouldn’t say I’ve turned into a track star, but, guys, I ran for a whole minute!  Okay, okay, very, very light jogged…but for a whole minute, eight times!

According to the app my run pace was 15:04 per mile (3.98 mph), which I’m pretty sure is about equivalent to a power walk, but I feel like it’s a good start.


5 min warmup walk
1 min jogging, 1 1/2 min walking
repeat 7 more times
5 min cool down walk

This workout was the exact same, and I am proud to say that I improved!  My run pace was 12:34 per mile (4.77 mph), so I was able to cover an additional 0.10 miles in my 8 “running” minutes.  Woohoo!


5 min warmup walk
1 min jogging, 1 1/2 min walking
repeat 7 more times
5 min cool down walk

Today is my day 3 run and I haven’t completed it yet, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep improving and lower my run pace again!

#10Kfor10 Update: Sneaky Steps

Even though I still managed a little over 70,000 steps over the course of last week, hitting the goal for daily average, I had one really bummer day where I only got to about 2,600.  I just wasn’t feeling great and honestly got into bed as soon as I got home from work and basically slept until the next morning.  Luckily I woke up feeling a little bit reenergized, so it was well worth it.

Anyway, the bummer day lead me to thinking about some sneaky ways to get more steps in without adding an extra walk.

New gear:  My old running shoes were starting to feel really worn out, so I bought these sneakers.  I’ve been living in my trail shoes and walking the trail near my house, but these will help to get me back into a jogging regimen.

Shopping & Stepping:  Yesterday I went to the mall to shop for a birthday present.  Even though I knew my final destination would probably be Nordstrom’s I parked all the way on the outskirts by Macy’s.  I had to walk all the way through the lot and through half of the mall before even making it to Nordstom’s; those steps really added up!

TV steps:  Thursday night I was able to hit my goal while I walked around my living room watching the Astronaut Wives Club.  I also resisted having ice cream or another sweet treat while I watch – double win.

Grocery:  I needed to pick up just a few things and I only live about a half mile from the closest grocery store.  Even though it’s not the one I prefer to go to I walked there on Saturday morning to get what I needed.

Church:  I went to the Catholic church in my neighborhood for the first time on Sunday morning.  It was nice to try out a new church and start getting acclimated and it doesn’t hurt that I can easily walk there as it’s on my street!

What “sneaky steps” have you managed to come up with?

#10Kfor10: Be Barre Fit Review

I have been rocking the #10Kfor10 challenge over the last couple of weeks averaging more than 15,000 steps per day in my first two weeks.  It’s an awesome feeling to really see myself accomplishing that goal.

Even though I’m crushing my cardio and aerobic goals, I am and always have been lacking in strength and core training.  To help me avoid picking up some weights and doing a few crunches one of my girlfriends invited me to join her for a Friday morning barre class at Be Barre Fit in Hockessin.

The reception area has plenty of workout merchandise, including Be Barre Fit grip socks – a must for not falling during class.
BBF has a locker area to keep your things while you’re in class.

Since barre classes have gotten so popular recently I felt like this was a good opportunity to give the trend a try.  I knew it was sort a cross between yoga or pilates and ballet style dance, so I was a little hesitant.  I’m not particularly graceful and I have a hard time with the meditation aspect of yoga, but I found that barre was nothing like that.

The class was essentially an upbeat and moderate paced strength and core workout with an emphasis on posture.  To be honest, I was sore for about three days after the class because our instructor Beth had worked us so hard without my realizing it!

We started off using free weights and resistance bands on our bands, then moved to other strength moves and a core workout on the bar.  Seriously, my obliques have not worked that hard in a looooooong time.

This was one of the “core moves” we did utilizing the ballet bar.


  • Strength & core training:  Barre class was a great way to get in a strength and core workout (comparable to many circuit workouts) without having to hang out in a gym with men who could easily bench press me.
  • Easy transition to start the day:  I was able to get a full workout in (I promise that it was tough!), without getting super sweaty.  I did a quick Polish bath before changing into my work clothes and heading to the office.
I was terrible at this move where we did various leg movements while maintaining our posture and clenching the ball.


  • Price:  If you commit to barre classes at least three times a week, the price per class can be reasonable.  Since I have an all-inclusive gym membership (gym, fitness classes, pool) I can’t justify paying an additional fee for a barre studio. 
  • Lack of cardio:  While it’s great to build some muscle, you absolutely aren’t getting your heart healthy needs met without some cardio.  A barre regimen would also require some kind of regular cardio activity.


Be Barre Fit (Hockessin, DE)
$20 drop in
$170 monthly

Local Competitors:

Pure Barre (Greenville, DE)
$23 drop in
$225 monthly

Skinny Barre (Wilmington, DE & Pike Creek, DE)
$15 drop in
$130 for 10 classes

FitRyde (Glen Mills, PA)
$19 drop in
$125 monthly

Tulaa Yoga (Kennett Square, PA)
$10 all classes

Fit (Wilmington, DE)
$15 drop in
$100 for 10 classes

Bliss Yoga (Kennett Square, PA)
$15 drop in
$100 monthly

YMCA (various locations in DE)
$10 guest pass for one day (all inclusive of facilities)
$60 monthly (all inclusive of facilities)

Bottom Line:

Barre seemed to be a great strength and core workout if that’s something you’d like to incorporate into your routine.  The ladies at Be Barre Fit were great and I really enjoyed myself at the class.

The owner Trish (rear) and our class instructor Beth (front) were both so polite and friendly.  Beth didn’t even make me feel bad about what I am sure was my poor form and posture!