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I’ve been following Homesick Candles for a while now, and obviously was DESPERATELY awaiting the release of their Delaware candle.  (How could I not?  It’s so on brand for me!)  It finally came out, so it took about 3 minutes for me to enter my payment information and hit “purchase.”  Less than 48 hours later, I had it in my hands!


delaware homesick candle

Before I even got the candle out of the packaging, I could smell it.  Seriously, it is so fragrant and smelled so good.  The Delaware scent is “hints of Delaware strawberries, the Delaware River, and sandy beaches.”  As an “expert” on all things Delaware, I’m not sure these are 100% the most iconic scents of Delaware (maybe the River, but uhm, it’s a REALLY bad smell), but they sure do make a nice candle, so I won’t complain!

Another thing I really love about the candle is the aesthetic.  I love that the candle is a neutral ivory,the jar is clear and the label is subdued and classic.  I’ve already sat it in my dining room and my living room and I know it will work well in other parts of my house as well.

The list of states is pretty extensive and Homesick Candles even has different options for different parts of California.  If you’re like me and hail from a less populated area, keep your eyes and ears out – any remaining states are under development!


 exact | similar

If you just adore your home state the way I do, don’t just stop at a candle.  There are so many great “state” home decor items that I just cannot get enough of!  I didn’t do very much clothing shopping (as in none) in the Nordstrom sale a few months ago, but I did get a set of these Delaware stemless wine glasses.  They’re really beautiful and a subtle way to give a nod!  I think they’d make a great housewarming or wedding gift as well.


exact | similar

My roommate also brought home this perfect wine stopper for me a few weeks ago when he had stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Like Target, BB&B is one of those stores where you walk in for one item, but realize you need about a dozen more that you can find in the “under $10” or “as seen on TV” sections.

My collection of Dela Darling Delaware Decor (say that 5 times fast!) is still growing, but I’d love to add the throw pillow and gold foil print shown below soon!

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