#10Kfor10 Update: Sneaky Steps

Even though I still managed a little over 70,000 steps over the course of last week, hitting the goal for daily average, I had one really bummer day where I only got to about 2,600.  I just wasn’t feeling great and honestly got into bed as soon as I got home from work and basically slept until the next morning.  Luckily I woke up feeling a little bit reenergized, so it was well worth it.

Anyway, the bummer day lead me to thinking about some sneaky ways to get more steps in without adding an extra walk.

New gear:  My old running shoes were starting to feel really worn out, so I bought these sneakers.  I’ve been living in my trail shoes and walking the trail near my house, but these will help to get me back into a jogging regimen.

Shopping & Stepping:  Yesterday I went to the mall to shop for a birthday present.  Even though I knew my final destination would probably be Nordstrom’s I parked all the way on the outskirts by Macy’s.  I had to walk all the way through the lot and through half of the mall before even making it to Nordstom’s; those steps really added up!

TV steps:  Thursday night I was able to hit my goal while I walked around my living room watching the Astronaut Wives Club.  I also resisted having ice cream or another sweet treat while I watch – double win.

Grocery:  I needed to pick up just a few things and I only live about a half mile from the closest grocery store.  Even though it’s not the one I prefer to go to I walked there on Saturday morning to get what I needed.

Church:  I went to the Catholic church in my neighborhood for the first time on Sunday morning.  It was nice to try out a new church and start getting acclimated and it doesn’t hurt that I can easily walk there as it’s on my street!

What “sneaky steps” have you managed to come up with?

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